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Here’s a quick snapshot into my process. As with any great working relationship, we will adapt based on your goals and optimize based on the needs of the project.

Process overview

Initial intake session where we go into depth on the High Vibe Haven philosophy and how we will work together. We then go over a series of questions to help paint a picture of you, where you are at in your process, and what goals you want to achieve.


Follow-up call to discuss initial impressions and provide recommendations for how I can help guide you to a high vibe life. The recommendation may include a combination of interior design recommendations and personal coaching. A fee proposal will be shared at this time for each recommendation.


Align on the path forward to designing the high vibe life you are meant to live. A contract will be drawn up at this stage for both parties to sign. Work will commence upon receipt of security deposit.


Making Space

Recommendations for how to declutter and reorganize or repurpose existing furniture and objects throughout the home using energetic flow philosophies, including feng shui and vastu shastra. Studies have shown that creating a nurturing, balanced environment improves our health and allows for optimal emotional wellbeing and judgement. I would love to work with you to optimize the spacing and placement of furniture and objects to optimize both your health and the health of your home. 


Space design

Room design recommendation based on intake session, includes: 

  • One in home visit or virtual call to take pictures, measurements, and Q&A

  • Recommendations for how to make space and organize or repurpose existing objects/furniture

  • Recommended design schematic and up to 3 boards of product recommendations per room

  • Does not include installation or purchases of products

  • Purchase and installation services available for additional fee



Room design and high vibe living coaching based on intake session, including: 

  • One in home visit or virtual visit to connect with the space

  • A personalized home energy alignment and blessing session conducted by Christina.

  • A detailed report summarizing the session, along with recommended practices for maintaining the positive energy of the space.

  • A specially curated blessing kit that includes smudging tools, sound therapy aids, and personalized blessings.

  • Follow-up support for homeowners to maintain the harmonious energy of their space.


"Christina is absolutely incredible!  We worked with her to build out our Nursery and she was so creative, professional, and had a knack for hunting down amazing pieces from a wide variety of sources.  She really listened to our feedback, helped us define the essence of our home to a tee, and use that to craft our ideal nursery.  She also made us feel good about our existing style choices even though we know it is a bit cluttered and the product of years of collecting :)


We were so impressed and appreciative with Christina's extremely thoughtful approach to the whole process.  She shared back a clean and inspiring presentation to give us multiple thematic options - all of which were supported by individually linked pieces for inspiration.  The level of detail was incredible and we particularly loved her ability to source a wide variety of products ranging from high-end statement pieces to super affordable accents that she found across sites like Ikea, Wayfair, or Urban Outfitters.  


We get compliments from everyone who enters our nursery and we often joke that we might just move in because it is by far our favorite room in the house.  Thank you, Christina!"


"Working with High Vibe Havens in my new home was truly an inspiring experience! As someone who considers myself to have a relatively decent style, I thought I didn't need a designer.  I had decorated my new home with the idea of class and elegance on a budget, but in the process made my home unwelcoming and impersonal.


I met with Christina to show her my home, discuss my concerns and chat about options.  During the house tour, Christina, unbeknownst to me, was making mental notes about everything I was saying.  A couple days later, she sent me mood boards - which amazed me of how perfectly it matched my thoughts.


Not only is Christina a pleasure to work with, she suggested design ideas that I totally fell in love with, but would have never come up with on my own.  One example is the selection of a Moroccan Lantern in my bathroom. Everyone who walks into the bathroom is impressed by this creative touch and compliments the uniqueness of the space.


I absolutely recommend High Vibe Havens for those who are in any stage of the process for designing and decorating their home.  I look forward to working with Christina again, when I save enough for a vacation home!"


"Working with Christina was amazing! I came to High Vibe Havens because I wanted help re-doing/modernizing an old Queen Anne dining room table I inherited. Not only did Christina help me with practical and economical ideas for that, she named my design taste/style (which I’ve never been clear on) and created a baseline of symbols, colors, textures, and images that I can draw on for my whole house and space design. 


What’s most powerful about this, is that she clearly named how each of these elements supports me in who I am in the world and what lives in my soul. She connected my inner and outer environments beautifully. It was spot on and very affirming. I feel like I received a powerful spiritual reading, along with practical design advice, resources and ideas."


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