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High Vibe Havens Interior Design Manhattan Beach Space Clearing, Energy Clearing, Organizing Services, Energy Healing


Bringing action and intention to our spaces frees us to live the life of freedom and joy that we deserve.

A more mindful approach to the spaces we occupy.

My interior design approach is rooted in helping you uncover your soul’s path and helping you create a personal haven, a home, that nurtures your journey. It’s about understanding what you want out of life and then taking action to achieve your dreams. 


Surrounding yourself with things that you love in a space that evokes joy and positivity will remind you of who you are and where you’ve come from while shining a light on where you’re going.


It’s the equivalent of repeating words of affirmation to yourself, but in visual form.


We, as humans, are already paying more attention. 

To what we are putting into our bodies to make us feel whole: is the food organic and nutritious?

To thinking about the clothes we are wearing: were they made ethically, in factories paying equal wages?


We now need to extend that to the environments we spend the most time in.

Are the objects I am surrounding myself with making me happy?

What visual, textural and energetic cues am I surrounding myself with to make me feel whole in the space I occupy? 

Let's work together to fully bring your intention to the spaces that you occupy so you may live the life you most desire. 

​Below are samples from projects that I’ve completed in the past,
curated to give you insight into my method and bring you inspiration for what’s possible in your home.
Indoor Outdoor Living
To Relax I Living Rooms & Dens
To Welcome | Doors & Entries
To Dream | Bedroom
To Nourish I Kitchen
To Refresh | Bathroom
To Uplift | Chairs & Seating
To Ground | Rugs & Floorings
To Meditate | Zen corners
To Nurture | Children's rooms
To Strive I Office & Workspaces
To Rethink | DIY projects
To Celebrate | Holiday Decor
To Thrive | Plants
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